UK Brand of Commercial Refrigeration

About Sterling Pro

Sterling Pro is a leading brand of commercial refrigeration products. With years of experience in the catering and hospitality trade we know how demanding these environments can be.

From our office in Hampshire our expert team is focussed on designing a range of products that meet the demands of busy catering and retail sites. We understand the importance of reliability and affordability - so we’ve designed both in our latest range of appliances.

In this catalogue you’ll find a range of high specification products at economic prices. We’ve listed as much detail as possible but if you feel you need more help you can contact us directly.

Our Philosophy

Commercial Refrigeration is an essential part of any commercial kitchen, the success of your business depends on it. Our products have been specifically sourced for outstanding reliability, the Heavy Duty range is manufactured in Europe and uses outstanding components - built to last.

The Sterling Pro product range has been designed to offer the best value on the market. More space than our competitors means better value for money. More economical than our competitors means cheaper to run.
With Sterling Pro we can guarantee you are getting the very best value on your new purchase.

We carry all models in stock all of the time, add to this full spares backup means the very best in availability in the market today. Rapid delivery means orders can be despatched by our dedicated delivery firm usually within 2-3 days.