UK Brand of Commercial Refrigeration

Want to Become a Dealer?

If you’re an appliance retailer or engineer who knows quality and value when he sees it then who would blame you for wanting to become a Sterling Pro Dealer? Contact our office by phone or email and we will get you added to our dealer list immediately. We will send you brochures, price lists and images so you can add them to your own sales literature and websites so you can start selling without delay.

In addition to this you can also service the Sterling Pro cabinets you put on to the market and enjoy full technical support and free spare parts for the first 12 or 36 months of a cabinets life. (depending on warranty chosen at point of sale)

You needn’t worry about lengthy delays for deliveries or spare parts as everything is either stocked or manufactured here in Blighty! You can sell with a confidence that is increasingly hard to find in todays marketplace.

Click here and complete the contact form and we will contact you today.